May 17, 2009

sharing a shadow :)

:) and HELLO.

So today I'm fine again. I tend to forget things so easy. People once said the only reason why we forget is when a better memory has taken its place. It's unbelievably true! I haven't got any better memory to replace 'yesterday's nightmare', but I believe I will.

All of my memories keep you near
In silent moments imagine you here
Your silent whispers, silent tears.

Made me promise I'd try
to find my way back in this life.
I hope there's a way
to give me a sign you're ok.
Reminds me again it's worth it all
so I can go on ♥

losing 5 minutes chance

You didn't always go to bed with a smile, did you? Sometimes you would slow down the music, switch off the light, crawling to bed and shed your tears under blanket. Cry quietly dear, so that no one would listen.. pretend that you're strong. That you're okay without him. And you WILL be okay without him.

10 minutes, not less, not more! Get cleaned up, and bring yourself to dream. Wake up tomorrow as nothing happens, as you're fine. Smile, and hello!

May 14, 2009

little updates.

Hello :)

I was a bit of out town, huh? I actually cancelled my latest entry due to some unpleasant reasons, but everything's fine now. I was like hibernating somewhere in my own world, until I decided to wake up and found things have been changing quite a lot. People turn out moving with the same pace all the time, while me while a slower pace keep chasing after them. I saw certain people around me is getting married. Some getting engaged, some dating another cool man. I'm not jealous, my man is always a better one :)

Oh, there is once a question from a friend, 'How long have you both been together?' Honestly, I didn't really know the exact time we've been together, but the answer would be, 'Not long enough'. I'm gonna get through, figure out what is gonna happen next, and face it with a smile. Sound cliche? You just don't know what a 'smile' could do.

So, Monash is still killing as always, those mid test turns out very bad in result. Forgive for not putting enough effort those time. And believe! I'm gonna fix this by the end of the semester. I've told you, I'm not going to let you down ♥