August 24, 2012

not a reunion trip.

At last, find the need to regularly update my blog so here's the first post to begin with after the Idul Fitri break. Few months prior to the vacation, there were these discussions and voting ongoing to decide which destination shall be picked for our first reunion venue. There were like around 20 members taking up the vote and as I recalled, Bali was the winning option. However, without my knowledge, the option seems to be  altered by certain parties and Langkawi came out as the chosen venue. Honest speaking, I was pretty disappointed with the decision and was thinking to pass the whole plan. And since the idea of setting up the reunion vacation came very abruptly, I understand why so many parties cancelled last minute, that wasn't unexpected though. Turned out there were only 7 members joining; including me for the win. Frankly, I wasn't thrilled nor agitated for the trip at all. Wasn't really looking forward for the trip at first but the D day finally came, bags were all packed, and we hopped on a very early flight to begin. Now let the photos tell !

To my surprise, I had considerably fun during the stay and now that the trip is over, there is this uneasy feeling not wanting it to end that fast. There were also those epic and ridiculous moments I won't forget throughout the drinking game, bet we all had an awfully good laugh that night. However, at the note of my experience, I wouldn't recommend anyone picking Langkawi as a holiday destination. I find Langkawi very 'ordinary' and boring, compared to Bali or Phuket at their level. Yet, the point of travelling in a group is what makes it extraordinary, anyhow big thanks to Joko, Tom and Winson who make this trip happened. Looking forward for the next reunion trip and hopefully with more members participating.