December 20, 2010

month of the year

Hey bloggers, I see it's finally the end of 2010 and who doesn't love December. All the great things are here, school holiday, summer-break, Christmas delight,and New Year Eve. I heard people are not having great time during 2010, well, mine wasn't great too but I love this year. It is the year where my long exhausting university life has finally come to an end. Graduating is one big thing in my life, and I couldn't be any happier of having to finish my degree just on time. Which also means, tougher and more challenging future is waiting out there. I've gotten myself ready though ! So thank you dear God who have helped me through all the hard times and kept me strong. Thank you my parents who obviously supported me all these times, financially, physically and spiritually. Also thank you bf, brothers and all dearest friends out there :)

Here I am now enjoying my long holiday before the new chapter of life which is still a long way to go. Apparently, I cancelled all my application for master degree although I know it is a great chance to lose but I've made a better future plan for myself. I believe the result of going the other way will be much more promising than sitting another 1.5 years in university again (hope this answers those who were asking around why I cancelled my earlier plan). Honestly, I think I might regret this decision one day but screw it, I know my God has a better plan for me. Again, thank you mom and dad for letting me decide where I am heading, although I honestly know they really want to have their children pursuing master degree.

However, I can feel my next chapter of life will be much funner than sitting in university. I'll keep you guys updated ! Until then, take care and have a great December !