July 1, 2009


It has been ages, I think. There isn't much to update, life goes on just like it supposed to be. My lil brother just decided to continue his study in Singapore. Mom and dad would really feel uneasy with their youngest child not by side. I'd like to wish him the best luck there.

Anw, very soon I won't be updating my blog so often. I feel like kinda bored with this writing things. And it's just more to keeping something private within me and him. This hols isn't surprisingly great to me but it's just right. I got few days abroad, few days working out, few days with those beauty things which really really take a long boring time. This is what I hate from being beautiful, it always needs sacrifices. Sitting up in the saloon for up to 3 hours just like I got nothing else to do. And yes manicure! It really makes my arm aches to the max! One more, the most important point I should say, you need to do this and that just to keep you in shape. No junk foods, no soft drink, no snacks, no dinner! Life's hell! Ohh life, girls would STILL take up all those sacrifices, yes.

Nothing much to split out here. Good night :)