April 30, 2010

lust list.

Have been eyeing on several items which is definitely worth to die for, ugh ! guess gonna get myself a camera, can't decide yet either lomo or polaroid. any idea guys? here are some hot stuff i'd like to have at the moment >.<

anddddd a lomo diana !

April 14, 2010

second quarter.

Hello, good night readers. Wonder if the days have been good to you cause it doesn't turn out so for me. So it's the 'solvency' issue am talking about here, lol. Kinda over spent the ringgits this month, ohh oww, but that's okay - gonna save each and every cents from now on *cross fingers. Let's see how am gonna struggle for the rest of the month so that I won't cross the budget line. Enough said, you won't be interested in my money issues though, will you? haha. So here's pictures from past few days' blast.

Okay, one more thing which I can't stop myself from not writing - it's a piece of advice anyway. You better stop acting up, sweetheart or else, everyone around you are gonna dump you the hard way. And oh well, please zip your fucking mouth off or I'll zip it for you. Go ahead and mock at me, you are so gonna pay for it. I mean really please, am getting so enough of you. What the hell with all those attitudes? I see no good, no grace, and no beauty in it, at all !

Well, I bet everyone gonna be as mad as I am now when you found out certain people simply judge you when they don't even know what the fuck you've been through ! And you have the right to be even madder, when the one who dare to judge you are even far far far worse. Keep in your mind, I am someone who always have my very own way in giving lessons. Instead of a hard rough slap in face, I'll come up with something you never expected. All I can say, it won't be nice and yes, you won't like it that way.

ps. daily updates on my twitter loves :)

April 10, 2010

becoming myself.

I bet there are times when one feels like becoming someone else, living in a life which is so-not-you. I went through that times, not because I enjoy being someone else but because I was indeed trying to be perfect to others. That was stupid, I know. Doubting yourself can be the greatest fault all of us are guilty of. You are never the same person you were yesterday. Expectations of life yield different meanings and feats but outcomes solely symbolises your all. Money, luxury, wealth and power represent happiness in many cultures. What if you have all of this, but no one to share it with? What if it wasn't appreciated? Ever sit in a room full of people but still feel alone? Feeling unappreciated and taken for granted maybe the worst feeling the heart can bare.

When I was a little, the society taught me that being different was wrong. Just like when they showed me a picture of three oranges and a pear and asked me to eliminate which one is different and does not belong. Luckily, I failed the test most of the times. Well, I'm telling you that I feel it perfectly fine being different. I will never try to be perfect, looks perfect or sounds perfect in front of anyone. I enjoy being a realist and a perfectionist. I'm in fact easily irritated, emotional, and impatient. I am passionate, procrastinatory, proud, sarcastic, scary, stubborn, sympathetic, a dreamer and a believer of fate. I'm sorry if you don't like me, I'm sorry if you think I suck but most of all "I'm sorry", I don't give a fuck.

April 5, 2010

you and your lies.

I came to realize one thing, why the hell on this earth I tried so hard to fix things between us when you are the one who secretly messed all up. Now I feel fucking retarded for all the effort I've done never worth the result ! I always thought I'm the one who has to be blamed, the one to feel sorry, the one has to apologize. Well, now I realized how stupid I am putting all the blame on myself while you and your lies stand still like nothing's wrong.

Perhaps, I'm saying perhaps that this is nothing big, it just the foolish me choose to be with a boy instead of a man, whose life is all about his games, his friends, and his comfort zone. No, there's no need to be sorry because I know you are not. You just need to hang on and think all over again, where you did wrong and where you did right. Well, am not saying you might have done something right, but you certainly done something wrong. Until you figured it out, we'll never be fine.