July 23, 2010

the last semester starts.

Hi guys, sorry for not updating regularly. Holidays are over, and I had my ass back in KL to complete my last semester and finally graduate soon with "BBusComm" behind my name. If I managed to pass all my subjects, which I have quite confidence on it, I'll be then graduated by March 2011. Any plans after that is still under consideration, haven't made up my mind to either pursue further education in China or go for master degree instead. So, the schedule this sems is pretty hectic, with all killing subjects set together, I'm so gonna die. Seemingly, am enrolled in auditing, accounting theory, financial accounting issues and international financial management. I heard the last one is quite easy, but the rest of it could anytime cause you a mental breakdown.

Mom was here few days ago, accompanied me fly back to KL, cleaned up my room, and even shopped for me :) It was so nice if mom could just stay with me here, she bought me another Burberry, Louis Vuittons, and Braun Buffel. Tell me, how could my life can be any happier? Well, to those who asked, the Louis Vuitton wallet is fake, but the bag is original. lol. I initially bought the original wallet for RM 2700 (+/- 7.5 million Indonesian rupiah). Then mom and I walked around KLCC and found this Indian guy selling exactly the same wallet only RM 100. Apart from the idea that it's fake, you can hardly recognize it in a blink and merely by touching it. Even all the compartments inside are soooo similar. I was like 'wtf?' then a bit disappointed and down. So the next day mom and I decided to buy the fake wallet and changed the original one to bag. So that is how I got a fake Louis Vuitton wallet and an original bag of it, lol. In just one day, I had 5 people asking me whether it's fake or original, hahaha. Trust me, it's fake.

Anw, I'd like to apologize for my last post. I can hardly control myself when I was mad, madly mad, you know. Like someone pissed you off and you just 'boom' ! I don't feel like clarifying anything at the mean time, but perhaps I will in the future. The only thing I could say is people deserve chances, and so do him. Then happy weekend guys !

July 9, 2010

100th post

Can't believe my 100th post should be filled with unhappiness. Let's be very honest here, I hate liar. Lies are something I can't tolerate and when people lies, I believe they have their own reason, and we should somehow understand the position of liar. But to me, once liar, always liar. Swear to me and God that you gonna learnt from mistakes and stop lying, I replied "go fuck yourself". And the worst part from you is that you never know how to say sorry, how to feel regret, and how to ask for forgiveness. you're way too self-centered, too selfish and too arrogant. So I think perhaps this gonna be a perfect time to let go, I wanna care no more, I wanna hurt no more, I wanna hear lies no more.

Have never been this disappointed, honestly. To whom this post is referred, may you be forgiven by God and karma. May you have the chance to correct yourself before it's too late. This heart gonna aches no more, I believe we both suffer enough from your lies. And if you gonna keep the lies up, go ahead. You big bastard please stay away from me. Fuck !

July 6, 2010

mobile post

It's late at night and am wide awake, waiting for the world cup semifinal match. Plan to wake my brother up then watch together, yet I end up have no mood to drag myself watch the match and choose to sleep instead. Days have been quite tiring and I need a good sleep urgently ! Went to nursing home this noon. It has always been the same, everytime I came back for holiday, dad would spend one day bring me to visit the old people. I like it that way, giving more attention to them but there's always something uneasy inside me everytime I visit there. Wish they have a better care and attention yet I can't help a thing :(
Anw, enough for that. I really need a sleep now. Good luck for ur exam tomorrow dear.

July 4, 2010

after one long weekend.

Ever since I had my feet stepped on Medan, never a day I spent without hanging out. The hectic week has finally bring me to the limit and I need to get my body a rest. Two consecutive days were spent with parents on movie, shop and food. Next day was cousins' catching up session after 5 long months. And the rest of the week with high school mates on trip to Brastagi for 3 days and 2 nights. Well, I should say that was so much entertaining and blast ! Holiday is another 2 weeks to go and finally my last semester begins. On the fact that I'd graduate soon this year give me a thrill and excitement yet nervous. Let's talk about the new semester some other time, shall we?

So err, the trip I mentioned earlier turned out quite fun after all, there were only eight of us to keep the trip private and solid, 3 boys and 5 girls. Photos were taken and after several trial, we finally captured great pictures. Most of the pictures gonna be uploaded in facebook by Alvin, leaving some other pictures taken by pocket camera of mine, here : (sorted out the 'acceptable' photos only)

At Alvin's Villa.

the girls (me-ching-shindy-ivonny)

eight of us (alvin-jeniffer-ching-me-shindy-aguan-ajo-ivonny)

Tomorrow will be a visit to 'nursing home' with mom, dad and some relatives. Daddy's routine each year ! see ya guys.