February 9, 2010

Under construction !

Blog is under construction ! Please come back later (:

like finally.

It's another difficult week I guess. Planned for a shopping escape but end up stuck at KL due to visa problem, sucks huh? And still things come up and it's a must for me to settle it. I tried my best in everything, okay, almost everything and I hope people around me would appreciate whatever I do, since honestly, I tried to minimize the damage and pain. I'd like to apologize if I've hurt any of you intentionally or unintentionally. Well, most of you might not understand what I'm trying to tell here, but 'the girls' on Spectra should know, lol. You guys have become my biggest treasure all this time, all this very hard, tough, fun teenage life ! Again, I'm sorry dear for hiding all the fucking stupid things from you.

Like I said, we might be cool or uncool in the future, but whatever happen, I still hope the very very best for you. If one day you'd remembered this day, please consider why I do so. Telling you is a big decision, and I made it just because I love you. You'd probably forgive but never forget what I've done, isn't it? I guess I can totally understand. You know, hoping that nothing would change between us might be too much. And I still put much hope on this one ♥