November 30, 2009


- I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see -

November 29, 2009

summer holiday and great friends.

Oh wow, can't believe I'm back to my hometown, this time with a bunch of friends from Jakarta and Palembang. I should say, they are the best food hunter I've ever met, honestly. They ate like 5 to 6 different foods straight just for dinner *speechless. The time spent with them was very fun though. We went to Brastagi and Prapat, Medanese favourite holiday spot :D I went there like zillions times and it has never been that fun, seriously. Too bad, they didn't stay long - it's just a week holiday and yet full of memories. Am going to miss that moments so badly :/ Not to mention, the heart to heart conversation has been the biggest wake up call for me, I realize how friendship has been so complicated all this time and I need to appreciate it at the first place. Thanks for reminding me, it sounds simple but certain people tends to forget the appropriate way treating their friends and turn out hurting people around them. I learned, I'll do better, and I'll keep you guys in heart.

Okay, so the worst part is I don't even know the next time am going to meet them again. Apparently, they're all graduating very soon and going to leave me all behind. Some going to pursue their master degree in Aussie, some to China and some will probably leave to anywhere for a job. I guess it's time for everyone to move on, like how birds learn to fly. Here I am wishing everyone's all the very best luck in whatever they do, and hope to see you guys with success in future. And may the trip leaves the best memories to each of you :))

Don't mind the girls, we are basically their tour guide. And the boys are the guests and sometimes driver. Minus Tinna here, one of our tour guide which is not available that day. More photos available in my facebook profile :)

November 18, 2009

teetering toodler.

It's Suri Cruise, aged 3 in high heels. The picture was taken when she was caught shopping with her mom, Katie in rainy Boston, US. She's cute but just not with the heels :/

Flats suit you better, sweetie ♥

post-exam period.

Finally, all papers are done, such a relief I should say. Honestly, I don't have confidence on the result - I won't expect much anyway, just a simple pass will do. No way I'm gonna extend another semester in Monash !! So exam's down and holiday's here :)). Am going back to hometown tomorrow with the earliest flight :/ but it's okay, means gonna see my mom and dad sooner. Mom, dad, grandma, and brothers are the only reason I'm happy to be home. Other than that, I'd prefer staying here for the whole holiday. Just like last year, the holiday will be super longg at least till end of February before I get my ass back to Monash, yippie ! Going to plan something fun before I get rusted in Medan.

Well, I went a lil bit out of control yesterday, I shopped a lot and spent too much. Bought some for mom, and brothers and rest are mine :) I won't do any shopping for at least 3 months onwards anw. sooo forgiven ! And yah, I won't be blogging for quite some time since my schedule is really full until at least end of November. See you guys very soon ♥

November 4, 2009

sicky sick exam.

Things have been pretty hectic these few days. My second exam is coming next week and I still trying to digest whatever the lecture told us before. Honestly, I don't really understand what is happening in this subject. And I don't really care actually, I'll just absorb and squeeze everything into my brain and pour all out to my exam paper then forget it ! All I know at this moment, it's about the regulation, income tax, consolidations, disclosure, ohh whatever shitty head. It's not like they are going to be useful in my future, I just don't want to fail this paper. Let me tell you, Monash is really tough and hard to handle, it took everything away from me and made me stayed up late forcing my brain to at least save something. Dear all my juniors, if only you are given the chance to choose your university, make sure Monash is at your bottom list - it's gonna ruin your teenage life, believe me !

I was sometimes regretting why my name is enrolled in Monash's database, I wish I could just go to some other universities like Taylors maybe, they have more life than Monash. People in Monash are just dead, nerd, with brilliant, genius, and perfect brain. I'm not belonged there, you know. I just think if I could finish things here, probably mom and dad would be so proud of me and yes they do. I can see from how they keep blabbering about me to their friends, so please please, thousand pleases, don't failed me God. I'm not gonna let them down, never ever. I've accomplished things so far, so just let me do the same thing for another 3 semesters :))

I guess it's time for me to get my ass back on papers :/ Wishes all of my friends a very best luck in their exams. Mm, yah my blog is currently under construction, lol. It's why the friend lists and other stuff is not there. No worries, it's gonna be there like usual in no time. Have a nice day people and happy birthday dear daddy, love you ♥