January 31, 2011


January was so emotional, exciting yet upsetting. Well, it wasn't that bad after all, it just makes me learn things the hard way. We all realize that once in a while, everything seems so wrong and that was exactly how I felt about the stuff hitting me at the beginning of the month. I barely step out from my room and speak a word for weeks until I decided to clear my head off by booking one-way ticket to Jakarta and left the mess behind. Days in Jakarta was spent with many of my beloved ones and I feel healed afterwards. Things turned out to be great when I learned how to forgive and forget. Wasn't exactly forgetting the mess yet but I'm trying hard to.

And now that I'm back in Medan, let's settle the unsettled things. Full preparation has been made before I left to Beijing in 2 weeks time. And another delightful preparation with mom, granny and my supermaid for the upcoming Lunar New Year. Sadly, I just lose one of my uncles few days ago but dad keep telling us that there's nothing to cry of, nothing to be sad about because he believes that Uncle is happier there than here. And he made us believed that as well. May you rest in peace dear Uncle, we're all happy that you're finally free from all the sufferings and pains this earth has caused you. It's such a loss to missed you for this Chinese New Year celebration for there'll be no one making such jokes to laugh at anymore...so goodbye already, we'll miss you, Uncle.

Meanwhile, let's get ready for the big rabbit year, fellas ! My two brothers will be back for the celebration and that's awesome :) we haven't celebrated CNY with the complete family members for a while. So this year is gonna be hit ! Red celebration is everywhere, with the typical red lanterns, pink cherry blossom flowers, greeting cards, and most importantly, angpaos ! Happy Chinese New Year my dears :)

January 13, 2011

annoying shits

There are times when we feel so annoyed of something happened around us and often it would just ruin our mood. Well, I encountered a lot of stuff and events that really turned me off recently. Most of the times are when member of my family asked about my ex. I was like 'why are you guys keep asking about him?'. It's not like I hate him or whatever but that was past times and I'm now happy with the man I'm seeing. I hate it when people keep asking about him. For the fact that I have nothing to do with him anymore, so please stop asking already. SIGH.

January 6, 2011

So much about 2011

A bit late to greet everyone Happy New Year 2011 ! But I sincerely wish everyone out there having their best this year and may everything turns out the way we want it to be. When it comes to new year, we normally get excited of new beginnings, new exciting experience and new stories to be shared with loved ones. Pretty much like everyone, I'm hoping that 2011 will be nice and superb although I already had bad days to begin with in this year. There were fights, lies and sickness along with my celebration of new year. I was pretty sure that this might be a bad sign for me until I realize there are another 360 days to go through until 2012 and I believe they won't be that bad. Let's build the spirit of new year, and do something even better than last year.

Basically, I'll be spending my 2011 with another year attending school, a short-term studies of Mandarin. I'll soon be leaving for Beijing in mid-February after the Chinese New Year and will only be back one year afterwards with the full preparation to enter the working-life. As for now, I'm so much doing nothing. Mom and dad do not seem to be very happy with my long holiday because they got to see me around at the house almost all the time doing nothing and that annoys them. Mom has been pushing me to join some kind of intensive class for preparation before China, while Dad keeps asking me to help him at the office. Well, I'll do both. After the flu, headache and bad cough gone, I'll help Dad at the office and attend an intensive class after office hours. Not a story of interesting summer holiday, huh?

celebrating new year's eve with high-school mates (only few of us left in Medan)

Also at the mean time, mom and I have been working on the design of our new house. We already had three different designers helping with the construction but mom does not seem to be quite satisfied with the results yet. There were a lot of disagreements that make me doubt the construction will be finished in 2 years. Well, our new house sure is much more spacious than our current residence, and I'll have my own walk-in-closet later on, isn't that just great? Yes to that, I'll post the pictures soon.