October 17, 2010

October '10

I know I haven't posted anything this month and sorry about that. So in order to make that up, I'm right here typing this post in the middle of late night with heavy sleepy eyes. Nothing much happened, just you know small things and routines. It bores me here. Feels like moving out to elsewhere, anywhere would be good. AH ! I always had Gold Coast in mind, like ever since my high school time. Nope, I've never been there but I heard a lot from friends and websites. Apparently, bachelor study is going to end very soon and I've been planning on all these master programs which are not final yet. I might or might not be going for 'master degree' but I would really like to go ! And as you know, I'm trying to find one good university near Gold Coast.

Sounds so ridiculous huh? Dad even asked me whether am going to study or holiday. Well, ended up I found one. Pretty good one actually, it's University of Queensland. Without a doubt, it's the third best university in Australia and is one of top 50 universities in the world. I always had my eye on this university ever since I checked them on line. Unfortunately, I might not be able to attend UQ :(

Silly reason. I believed I fulfilled their entry requirements and everything. It's just you know, they had this kinda stupid policy whereby students are not allowed to take specialization that has already been taken in their undergraduate studies. Meaning that I wouldn't be able to major in finance for master since I'm doing both finance and accounting already in my bachelor degree. Nah, am not gonna do other major, not accounting, not IB, not econs, nothing but finance. All this time I found myself enjoying finance subjects and have interest to study more about it but other subject?? I don't think so.

After all, everything is not final yet. I still have other options, UK and US sounds pretty good but the idea that I'll be staying in the other part of the world is kinda creepy. So I guess I gotta think all over again and yeah, hope it's not to late for 2011 enrolment. Wish me luck :D for my final exams too !

Oh well, I realized I haven't posted up photos for such long time. I will in my next post, okay? Have a nice day people :)