August 31, 2009

shopping spree

After some months break, I finally back to the shopping mood. Idk I should be happy or sad instead. I went to the mall and never ever intend to buy that much. But people lose control ! I bought like four pieces. Just four pieces and it already cost me that much. I mean really really much to be spent in one day. That type of short pants won't cost that much in Medan I think. I guess I should start shopping at 'normal' fashion boutique instead of Topshop or Mango which sometimes can be classified as 'expensive'. Lucky I wasn't as crazy as before :). I used to spent like 3 or 4 millions rupiah in one day but now I'm better (much better). Anw, they said girls can never have too many clothes and shoes, I just simply agree with them. Here some other next targets on hunt :)

Bobbi Brown eyeliner

Black Ferragamo flats.

The flats doesn't have to be Ferragamo anw. Any nice black comfy flats should be okay to me, and I really need them asap.

Quick news.
BEP is coming to KL, and they are going to hold a concert just right outside my windows (I stayed in 22nd floor, no wonder *wink). The ticket will be sold very cheap and it's only for non-Muslims. Dress code: Black chic. Sure, I'll be there *hopefully.

August 27, 2009

happy birthday tinna !


Finally I finished my work and now welcoming the new tortures which are right in front me ! I'll be having another assignments on 2nd and tests on both 4th and 5th of September *crying. Ah, I skipped the class this morning because of the tiring assignment last night. Anw, that's not the exact reason though. I'll still skip the class even if I have no assignment. I'm just lazy ! Yes, I'm the lazy bug, lol. Some more, I also never understand what's the lecture talking about there. So why waste my sleeping time and drag myself to the boring class, right? You should agree with me XD

So the girls are going to Penang tomorrow !! Poor me have to stay at home, can't join the fun which I've missed like ages. Have a fun and safe trip, girls. And lastly happy birthday to Tinna ! Wish you the best luck for everything and have a great year ahead sweetie

Okay, now busy planning for the date tomorrow night ;p I guess it'll just be a simple dinner and movie yet perfect to me when it comes with someone special

poupee > assignments --> die !


It's me still rushing my assignment at this late of night, I was one of the 'last-minute' student. Yah, it's just nice sometimes rushing things just right before its due date. I love the feeling of being rushed and adrenaline pumping works, lol. Okay, seriously, I can't focus on my work if i'm doing it in my room. I should go elsewhere like library just to avoid the attempt of playing facebook and poupeegirl. I'm quite annoyed of the fact that am so into this cyber world and often forget what happened in the real life. Talking about my poupee, she's just adorable to me.

I want that red bow headband she's wearing !! I also secretly want some items in the game, like the boots and accessories :) AHH, I should go back to work ;p

August 23, 2009

this is not a 'SUNDAY'

I spent this whole Sunday alone in my room, doing nothing. I browsed whatever I can browse. I played with poupeegirl yet I feel so bored and not excited at all. I dunno what he's busy doing there but he didn't even come to see me for a while. This is the time I feel like wanna go back to mom and dad. I missed them, the worst part of studying abroad. You won't see your parents that often, probably twice or three times in a year, how could that be enough? While I used to see them every minute of my life years back then. Whatever, I'll back to them as soon as I graduate though :)

why he's not around when I need him the most? *leaving with tears.

August 22, 2009

out of control

happy weekend, people :)

I was on date last night, UP 3D, very funny cartoon although the floating house in the film doesn't make sense to me. Perfect weekend I should say, cinema, dinner and boyfriend. But somehow am regretting something, I ate too much last night. I've been skipping dinner for the whole week but I lose control afterwards :(, Nando's! Quarter chicken with lotsa fries. And yeah popcorn for movie, I can't imagine how much calories inside there TT.

Everything's out of control ! Even my bad sleeping issue, I always twisted my body all over the bed and my legs opened up like almost 90 degress forming a large acute angle. When I woke up in the morning, I'll find my blanket far away from covering me. Believe me, it's just happened recently. I was such a sweet and cute before, I can almost sleep in one position for the whole night. Now, I'm thinking probably one day later, I'll kick my husband down from the bed (imagination goes). Or perhaps I'll shake my baby to death when I'm pregnant later on. Poor baby :(, I'll try to change the habit anw. And the 'eating too much' habit !

♥ still craving for Hermes. I want one, mama !

balenciaga is so last year :(

I used to stare at those Balenciaga bags sold at Singapore Mega Sale until I got myself the black one. Honestly, I don't even use it more than 10 times and now I'm craving for the Hermes. OMG, how could my mom even nods her head for this one.

It's so costly, I have to admit. But I promise should buy myself one soon :). As soon as the bag is discounted like half price perhaps. Either the Hermes Birkin or Kelly is fine for me. Ahh, I wish I wish I wish.

August 21, 2009

mid august.

So August is going to end soon before I even have the time to settle all the craps. Time never waits, huh? Next week will be my busy week ever. I'll be having lots of torture while the girls having fun trip to Penang. Ahh, envy them ! Assignments due, presentations, and mid tests, I'm getting insane sooner or later TT. Am supposed to be in Japan with my parents for Hari Raya holiday, but shit, totally shit ! my assignments due like exactly on my trip schedule. Too bad I have to stay here for the rest of my hols. I wish I could finish the assignments right before the Japan trip and rock the hols, but mom insisted that I had to focus on study and go back to Medan instead of joining the trip. I'm so dead now !!

I could recall that i've always wanted going to Japan for vacation since I was 9 because I thought Hello Kitty and Doraemon live there and probably I could pay them a visit and make friends. But now when I know that they didn't even exist, my will stays the same. Okay, let's forget that for now ! Anw, happy fasting to those celebrating :)

missing Kitty ♥