May 19, 2011

grateful bitch

So long after the absence, I've been trying to keep myself busy and occupied so I could just get the depression outta my head. Good news, bad news, all strike at once. I can't remember the last time I actually laugh or smile maybe? Well, mom always told me to believe in the power of God. And time. She's right, here I am, finally stand strong in front of you people. I could feel a big and bright day ahead waiting for me. But this all ain't anything without my friends, and family. Thank you for the endless support and motivation.

Now, here's the catch up while I'm gone these few weeks.
1. I went for a short trip with the gang last week and it's so damn awesome.
2. I got to meet few fellas few weeks ago in the club and we've been good friends up to today.
3. Mom finally showed me the design of our new house. Designed by one well-known architect in Medan, Awong. Here's one of the image for my future walk-in-closet. I think it's pretty good but I want my closet with glass sliding door. Guess, I'll just talk to him in person this coming June.

4. Oh yes, I booked a flight back home this 11 June. I'll be staying in Jakarta for about two weeks waiting for the renewal of my US visa.
5. I just went so broke and penniless. It's like 3 months salary for some people, and I spent it in 3 hours. How careless I am :(

Well, dear mom and dad, I can't stop thanking for the unlimited privileges you gave me. I promise when I'm returning these privileges, it's gonna be double the blast. Love you.

May 6, 2011

every good things should come to an end.

All the pains and damages you caused, left me speechless. Everything we had is gone. You said you love me, you said you'll never leave me, maybe I just heard you wrong. I'm damaged, don't know what to do. Well, I'm about to move on and leave. All I got to tell is how you left me so damaged.

May 3, 2011


Isn’t this the moment where one of us is supposed to say: Look, this is ridiculous, we love each other, all couples go through this, let’s give it another try.