March 31, 2010

good and happy

These few days appeared to be tough since I had all this sore throat, runny nose and high fever attacking exactly after I had so much popcorn. I hate being sick, well, I have the reason to skip class but I hate doing nothing instead of laze on bed whole day. I must feel better in no time, so I could catch up with all the essays I haven't finished and reading that I have to go through since I keep missing the classes. Mom and dad sounded so worried when they know my condition and keep blabbering on how important it is to take enough rest and sleep early. Ohh am 20 ! I think they just forgot how their daughter has grown up. Dad was offering me to go back home town for my midbreak holiday but I don't feel like going back. It's supposedly my last year here, so I think I'm gonna spend it tripping around.

So school has been quite okay so far besides all those reading to do. There will be lotsa assignment due after my midbreak, ganbatte ! As soon as I recovered, I'll start working on the assignment and house work too, this is a promise. Alright then, happy mid-semester break fellas !

March 18, 2010

biggest treasure.

Ughh, too bad I had to tell you that I once again went through a very hard week, a very very very hard one indeed. I suffered an acute self-focused disease, started to ignore everyone and not even giving a damn to important things. Well, as what I've said in my last post, I really went out of line, becoming someone else that I can hardly recognize. The minute I realize I went so wrong, I tried hard to find a way back. Hoping someone is there to help and give his/her hands. In fact, I'm lucky. My best friend, (well, I never really had what so called best friend yet I found one now), you know who you are, helped me through my hard times.

Apparently, I get the courage to speak up what I want and start to find 'myself' in me with her advice and guidance. Thank God, she was there to remind me that I've done something very inappropriate. So I made a promise, a promise to myself, that I won't let you guys down. I'll be someone better and someday you'll be proud having me as your friend. I won't stop thanking, never.

Another thing is I wanna apologize to everyone, anyone, someone, whoever you are if I've offended you in any way. I might be too unstable these few weeks and don't take something I've done seriously cause at that time, I might be out of mind. At the very end, I wish everything's fine. Many thanks and sorry at the same time.

March 15, 2010

the damage you left.

It's third week of school and things have been so well. Friends and best friends are all here to celebrate their graduation. I was so delighted for them that I secretly cried and started to wonder how would the rest of my semesters would be without them around. These friends, this group of friends are the only best buddies I've met ever since. Well, what I'll do is keep the memories deep there and let's hope we meet again in future, all success in whatever we do. Amen.

Meanwhile, I've been struggling with myself these days. I guess I had too much fun that I left out some important things to take care of and messed all them up. I started to drink so much, play so hard, and even forget the 'must-pray-before-sleep' habit. I myself, have no idea what's going on. I forgot the purpose I'm here and the goal I've set all this time, I went out of line and get so wrong in certain things. I just don't know why. Yet, I'm not regret of all the things I've done, I believe there are always lessons to be learned behind those mistakes.

Now, I shall start picking up the broken pieces, clean up all the messes, and move on. Ohh well, the damage left might stop me from moving on. But am not gonna waste another day stuck in the shadow of my mistakes. To someone somewhere out there, thanks for the memories and damages you left. Let's take a step forward.

The photo is basically taken on the day where we celebrated friends' graduation and all had so much drink (read: jackpot). Located at the opera, dated on 11-03-2010 midnight.

March 7, 2010


It was just few days ago when I celebrated my 20th birthday with friends, it was great. It might be the last am gonna spend a birthday with them since all of us are going to graduate very soon. Well, the pictures taken are not uploaded yet so catch the facebook news feed guys. Another thing is school started exactly on my birthday and hell yeah, two semesters to go. Apparently, I've skipped classes so far, bad habit. It was different from those times when I walked enthusiastically to Monash every morning, most of the present time, am gonna let my lazy ass stuck under blanket until 12 pm something, crap. That basically explained why I gained few kgs since I went back to KL, ughh !

Anyway, mid-break is just one month away, let's plan a getaway and get some fun. I crave for something different this year. No, not the shopping getaway, am getting soooo enough of that. Not gonna squeeze another shopping bags to my closet, no. My friends and I picked a destination though, let's see if we gonna make it and rock the break. Happy weekend babies :)