February 28, 2009

again and again

i can't sleep
i can't sleep
i can't sleep
i can't sleep
i can't sleep
again, at this late of night

February 27, 2009

desperately needs a hug

Again, quite the same time like last night, I can't get to bed. So I'm here browsing, youtubing, facebooking and then end up blogging. I wonder why I could hardly get into sleep, but then I'd wake up at about 11 the next day. Fug! But starting from monday, I'll torture myself by waking up at 8 for Monash. Finally, I'll get back to track soon =).

I'm trying to get the new episode of gossip girl and I found this!

I love Chuck, so much! But still I'd prefer Robert as Edward Cullen =). I wonder if they're really that charming in the real life. Ohh, I got to leave now. It's more than the time limit given by him, I guess =(.

February 26, 2009

the moments.

Hellos =).

I've been busy being happy. Yes, my hols is going to end soon so I'm enjoying its every last minutes to the max. I spent time with the beloved one, busy with the moving things and sometimes browsing til late at night. It's more than 2 a.m now but I still couldn't get into a sleep so I just chatting with Angela but she's now offline =(. So I decided to post something here, of which it won't be meaningful.

My timetable for the new sems is published and I'm so freaking unsatisfied with it. My classes are mostly scheduled quite late of which means I have to sacrifice my nap time. Poor me =(. Moreover, I won't be having friends for some subjects I take this sems which means no help for assignments and no attendance-signer I could rely on if I'm planning to skip the class. I admit that I often skip my classes, especially the 9 a.m class. I found myself hard to wake up even I've been sleeping about 8 hours the night before. Screwed me!

I'm planning for Slumdog Millionaire soon. They said it was a nice film and I'm craving for it. Anyone, please count me in for Slumdog! Anw, I've watched about 5 movies this month and when I told my mom bout it, she got really mad! She told me to stop wasting money for movies =(. I think I'm gonna get STELLA paying for my tickets, as she promised...Oh, thank you dear =)

Highlights! ..Welcoming:
. my birthday
. new sems
. daddy's coming!

Thanks someone, you coloured up my days!
we shared the moments that will last forever. shmily

February 22, 2009

deepest condolence goes to both of you

Life is always unpredictable, isn't it? I heard a news from my mom yesterday about the incident happened to two little children of which get burnt in their house. And surprisingly, it's their maid who did the burning! F*cking insane little devil!!!! I guess they should find the maid and sentence her to death immediately.

Natassya(14) and Melvin(13) were very nice and friendly, my mom told me. Yes, my mom does know them. It should be Tasya birthday on 21st of Feb. Unluckily, the incident happened and she won't be able to spend her special day with her special one =(. I'm angry and damn upset with this incident. I wish the maid could soon get caught and justice will prevail!

Deepest condolence goes to both of you. May both of you rest in peace

We thought of you with love today,
But that is nothing new.
We thought about you yesterday.
And days before that too.
We think of you in silence.
We often speak your name.
Now all we have is memories.
And your picture in a frame.
Your memory is our keepsake.
With which we’ll never part.
God has you in his keeping.
We have you in our heart.

Rose de Leon

February 20, 2009

it happens once again =(

Life was merely the same lately. Since I haven't started my university busy weeks, I still have time to shop and play. Yes, I do shop and play a lot. I mean it! I think I might be busy with the moving things the next couple of days. I'll soon be busy with the assignments, tests, and tutorial =(. But somehow I miss the university life quite a lot. I love the time when I have to wake up at 8 instead of 12 at noon. I love the time when my timetable is fully scheduled. And I'm back to the well-organized type of student!

The same scene takes place as it should be. Mom and dad keep calling me to know how I do here. I almost doing quite good here. Better than the time I was in Medan. I'm trying to be opened, I didn't really enjoy the holiday time in Medan. Luckily now I don't have to go back there for months. This might sound quite wierd, but to be honest, I don't miss home. At all! But I miss my family =(.

Other than that, my life here is much better. Eventhough sometimes I really wish mom, dad and brothers were here. And kitty =(. I miss her so badly!

February 15, 2009

mom's leaving

I write this right after my mom left. Honestly, I'm gonna miss her so much, just like now! It has been a year, more than a year we used to leave each other by time. I guess soon or later, I'm gonna accustomed to it. In fact, everytime she left, I feel so insecure, and weak inside. What could I do without her? What could I accomplish on my own? Just like a newly born baby, I need mom so much. I mean it!

I know mom's gonna be okay. Dad and my brothers would take a good care of her, but still I wanna keep her by my side of which I know I can't. She's supposed to be in the family, for good. I promise I'll do my best for whatever she and my dad demand me to do. I'll try to be better than what they expect. Just please... blessed them always.

And mom, I miss you. So much!

February 14, 2009

make your girl smiles.

1. Don't hug her friends or your friends that are girls cause she'll feel left out.
Jangan memeluk temannya atau temanmu dimana hal itu bisa membuatnya merasa ditinggalkan.

2. Hold her hand at any moment . . . even if it's just for a second.
Pegang tangannya pada setiap kesempatan... meskipun hanya sedetik saja.

3. Hug her from behind.
Peluk dia dari belakang.

4. Leave her voice messages to wake up.
Tinggalkan pesan suara untuk dia untuk membangunkan dia dari tidurnya.

5. Wrestle with her.
Bergulat dengan dia.

6. Don't go hang out with your ex when shes not with you, you might not realize how badly it hurts her.
Jangan pergi jalan-jalan dengan mantanmu jika dia sedang tidak bersama kamu, kamu mungkin tidak mengetahui betapa menyakitkannya hal itu bagi dia.

7. If you're talking to another girl, when you're done talking, walk over and hug her and kiss her.... let her know she's yours and they aren't.
Jika kamu sedang berbicara dengan seorang Cewe, setelah kamu selesai berbicara, berjalanlah dan peluklah dia serta ciumlah dia... Tunjukkan pada dia bahwa dia milikmu dan mereka bukan apa-apa.

8. Write her notes or call her just to say "hi"..and not just at night after you've already been out with other girls.
Tuliskan dia sebuah catatan atau telepon dia hanya untuk sekedar menyapanya... dan tidak hanya pada saat malam hari setelah kamu bepergian dengan Cewe-Cewe lain.

9. Introduce her to your friends . . . as your girlfriend.
Perkenalkan dia pada teman-temanmu... sebagai kekasihmu.

10. Play with her hair.
Bermain dengan rambutnya.

11. Pick her up
Gendong dia.

12. Get upset if another guy touches her and she doesn't like it.
Merasa kesal apabila ada Cowo lain memegang-megang dia dan dia tidak menyukainya.

13. Make her laugh, if you can make her laugh, you can make her do anything.
Buat dia tertawa, jika kamu bisa membuat dia tertawa. kamu bisa membuat dia melakukan apa saja.

14. Let her fall asleep in your arms.
Biarkan dia tertidur lelap di dalam pelukanmu.

15. If she's mad at you, kiss her.
bJika dia marah padamu, cium dia.

16. If you care about her, then tell her.
Jika kamu perhatian pada dia, katakan.

17. Every guy should give their girl 3 things: a stuffed animal(she'll hug it every time she goes to sleep), jewelry (she'll treasure it forever), and one of his t-shirts (she'll most likely wear it to bed).
Setiap Cowo harus memberikan Cewe mereka 3 benda: boneka binatang (dia akan membawanya dan memeluknya setiap kali dia akan tidur), perhiasan (dia akan menyimpannya dengan baik-baik untuk selamanya), dan baju yang dimiliki sang Cowo (dia akan memakainya ketika tidur).

18. Treat her the same around your friends as you do when you're alone.
Perlakukanlah dia sebagaimana biasanya, meskipun sedang berkumpul dengan teman-teman.

19. Look her in the eyes and smile.
Tataplah kedua matanya dan tersenyumlah pada dia.

20. Hang out with her on weekends.
Pergi jalan-jalan dengan dia tiap akhir pekan.

21. Kiss her in the rain.
Cium dia di bawah guyuran hujan.

22. If your listening to music, let her listen too.
Jika kamu sedang mendengarkan musik, biarkan dia ikut mendengarnya bersama kamu.

23. Remember her birthday and get her something, even if it's simple and inexpensive, it came from YOU. it means all the world to HER. it's the thought that counts.
Ingat hari ulang tahunnya dan belikan dia sesuatu, meskipun itu sederhana dan tidak mahal, itu adalah pemberian dari KAMU. Itu berarti segalanya bagi DIA.

24. When she gives you a present on your birthday, or just whenever, take it and tell her you love it, even if you don't (it'll make her happy.)
Ketika dia memberikan hadiah pada hari ulang tahunmu, atau pada saat-saat tertentu, ambillah dan katakan pada dia bahwa kamu menyukainya, meskipun sebenarnya tidak (hal itu akan membuatnya senang).

25. Girl don't necessarily have to have hour-long conversations every night, but it's nice for them to hear your voice even for a quick hello.
Cewe tidak butuh pembicaraan lewat telepon yang panjang dan berjam-jam tiap malam, yang terpenting adalah bisa mendengar suara kamu meskipun hanya sekedar sapaan atau 'halo?'.

26. Give her what she wants
Berikan dia apa yang dia mau.

27. Recognize the small things . . . they usually mean the most.
Hargai setiap hal kecil... itu biasanya berarti besar.

28. Tell her she's beautiful, she needs to know her striving is working.
Katakan pada dia bahwa dia cantik atau menarik, dia perlu tahu bahwa dandanannya tidak sia-sia.

29. Hang out with her whenever you are free and u should be free to hang with your girlfriend all the time
Pergi jalan-jalan bersama dia setiap kali kamu nganggur dan kamu harus siap mengajak kekasihmu jalan-jalan kapan saja.

30. If u care about her...SHOW it!
Jika kamu perhatian pada dia... TUNJUKKAN!

an ordinary one yet meaningful to me.

I just woke up from my long nap and took a bath. By time, I realized I wasted a lot for nothing. I'm bored with this long holiday. I wish I could get back to the university as soon as possible =(. Okay, I have to! Or else I'll keep lazying. I received a short message from my brother few hours ago. He actually joined the badminton tournament and I guess he now made it to the semifinal. My dad seems so happy with it. Yes, I'm happy with it too.

And my another little brother was apparently listed as one of 2009 Asean Scholarship applicants. I also received a news from him early, telling me that he was invited to join the official test this 18th of February. So, wish all of you luck dear =).

While my mom is goin back this monday. Honestly, I'll miss her a lot! I bet. And dad is still busy with his office things. I remember once I made him mad at me and now I regretted a lot. I'll do whatever it takes to make him trust me and love me back to the way it is.

...I myself got a new fringe cut, of which makes me look more like a Japan ghost =(. Anw, I got to spend my whole valentine day with my mom. But yet I got him by myside as always. Thanks for the gift. Ily

February 12, 2009

love life

Hayy! I got myself so depressed when I was in my hometown about 2 months ago. People keep asking me, gossiping me..all about my love life. So for those who are really curious about my love life, here's the update! But please, don't make this post as your gossip headline!!! Thousand of pleases.

Okay, I'm now perfectly single but definitely not available. I doing good for being single, really! For some reasons, I'm not going to date anyone now. But I'm emphasizing that I'm not available as well, for sure! Honestly, I have someone who always have me smiling when I'm thinking of him. So if I couldn't have him, I'd rather be alone. I'm not available.

For all the chit-chaters around the world! Mostly those in Medan, the issues and gossips city..My love life is nothing to do with you all.
I'm not dating my best friend!
I'm not dating my-ex.
And definitely I'm not dating a girl. =)

Apparently, I'll spend this coming valentine with my mom. Yes, poor me =(. But mom is always better than anyone, except him. No worries, there'll be another hundreds of valetines for us to be spent together

February 10, 2009

for a better life

I should have been making some changes by now, but really it wasn't that easy to change something you have been accustomed to. I really need a change or I'll be left behind for worse. This semester will be tough, most of my seniors keep reminding that it will take some efforts to worth it. I don't really mind to waste my napping or lazying time for study as long as the result does worth my sacrifices. I realized I really need to left my lazy lifestyle after 4 months holiday. Enough!! I need to be responsible to my study and lots of other things that my parents demand me to do. And I won't accomplised anything by playing around and wasting time on bed.

I wasn't really a lazy type of person. I always want things to be perfect and excellent. I always want everything to be well scheduled and organized. And I'm still that kind of person. Just only after few months of holiday, I got myself too relaxed and idled. =(

Anw, I just realized that I shopped a lot recently. I was actually studying abroad but I got more than 30 pairs of shoes here. I wonder how could I move that stuffs back to hometown later. I need lots lots lots of changes!

♥ No late sleep
♥ No oversleeping!
♥ No unnecessary shopping.
♥ Stop wasting money
♥ Stop lazying =)

Hopefully I could accomplished those simple things at first point. And I'll do things better next time

February 8, 2009

little changes

I got my life all the same like last year. I spent most of my time lazying all day long. However, something forces me to think a lot recently. Things tend to push me so hard and I got so depressed. When one thing starts to get better, another problem pops up and let me so down again. It has always been like this over the time and I tried to get along with it all the time.

Anyway, I'm considering of some little changes. I realize I did nothing to make things better so probably from now on, I really need a time to think, to act and to decide!

So mom is still staying with me in this big big house. She'll be going back soon on 16th and I'll be all alone. I was thinking that I'll get more space when she's not here but I guess I'm wrong. I enjoy the time spent with her. The best thing is..I could take care of her every minutes. I admit I miss the time gathering with the whole family where my brothers will annoy me so much and my dad would possibly yell at me again and again. I also miss 'kakak' at home, even sometimes I got so mad with her. Last but not least, my grandma.. I really miss the time she used to tuck me into bed =).

February 7, 2009

a game only has a winner

I wasn't trying to bring an issue of man's bad attitude and behavior to this blog. I remembered the night before I left for KL, I was so mad right after I send my aunt to a hospital. It really doesn't make sense to end up a life for a man, isn't it? And why man tend to cheat often? Did the consequences ever come to their mind? I didn't tell that women don't cheat men but apparently, women do act with feelings! And unfortunately, often forgot every logical senses. I keep wishing man could appreciate what woman did for the family. And curse those f*cking man-with-low-gratitude! ...So things are still the same after a week I left. I'll be so grateful if those things could be settled as soon as possible. I wish!

Lots of things happen lately and some push me out of my comfort zone. I have no idea of what is happening but I'm trying to figure out some little changes. I'm really not accustomed to such condition and I don't want things to end-up like a game. If it has to end-up like a game, the winner should be me, only me!

February 3, 2009

back to town!

I caught the early flight back to KL this morning. And I'm extremely exhausted since I didn't get enough sleep last night. The first thing after arrival, I had a thorough cleaning session and get some rest. But then I got so bored during the night, everyone hasn't get back to KL and I'm all alone =(. Luckily my mom came over to stay with me for about 2 weeks. We plan to go to Singapore for a lil bit fun.

Anyway, one of my relatives was having a bad time and got so sicked. She might be facing a very tough time right now and probably she's gonna need more than pills or injection. I thought a family is what she needs the most. I wish she would be okay in no time.

...okay. I'm quite bored with the blogging things.