May 25, 2010

fight, beat, and win.

Getting so fed up with the internet connection these recent days, I can't access my 'blackboard', facebook, twitter, and even google articles for assignment. But well, I've been trying so hard to refresh the page like zillion times just to make sure I could post up this entry *big time*. So, it's finally come to the end of the semester, one more assignment and EXAMS ! You know what? I think I really need to work hard this sems. It appears that I didn't really understand what the crap has been happening this whole 11 weeks. I recalled the first time I came to Monash and officially enrolled as their student, I was so happy that I could die. I can't remember what the heck I was thinking that time, but it turned out that I'm Monash's 'accounting and banking finance' student. Risking myself taking such killing major was really STUPID, I should say.

My first semester didn't go quite well, I could barely understand each things the lecture taught. while most of my friends seemed quite get along with the subjects. I got so frustated about all the 'economic and finance' thingy which obviously I've never been taught of since I was a 'science' student back then. I almost give up to everything, to the challenges, to the difficulties and pressures. But then I think, maybe I just need to work harder, work like a smart. So here I am, not gifted with genius brain nor born as a talented bitch, I managed to push myself to work harder, try harder, and achieve more. I survived ! at least to my fifth semester now, without any big deal so far. What I need to do now is to do the same or even better and win the game. I know I will, I hope so :)

To everyone facing their exams soon, best luck for you ! and so here another simple edited photo I did. good night :)

May 16, 2010


I bet people are all on bed having their beauty sleep at this time. I was about going to bed as well, but too bad, I need to do some reading for my assignment to be submitted this Friday. I guess I had this tendency to blog or post something at my busy hours instead of my free time. You know, after lotsa pdf files, websites, and articles buzzing around your hectic head, you might want some refreshment. In my case, blogging perhaps :)

While typing this post with eyes half open, bf came to remind me through msn that I have a freaking morning class tomorrow and that I need to go sleep like 'now'. At the same time, he's down there, five floors away from my unit, reading his notes and preparing for the test first thing in the morning later on. Kay, given the time limit (lol), I won't blabber too much then, good night all of you ♥

Ohh well, here some random photos I just edited couple hours ago. As I've told you, I had a very high tendency to do unnecessary things mostly on my full schedule period, my bad !

Alright then, hope that'll make up for my absence at least until upcoming Friday. And lastly, best luck for the test, bf :)

May 5, 2010

option that one shall choose.

Have been 'typing-saving-and-deleting' this blog post since the last couple of hours. Yet, the urge to write has finally made me decided to go on with the post. At this very moment, there are assignments due on Friday waiting to be done. However, I decided to take some time break, so here I am instead of finishing those craps. Well, it happened that I had this long conversation with my brother, asking him for suggestion of which camera should I take. Yes, most of the times, I'd come to my brother and discuss everything before I make a decision. To my surprise, he has grown up so much in the way he think, I should say. Each and every advices I heard from him is like a huge wake-up-call.

So, I've been thinking again and again why on earth I demanded so much of thing I don't even deserve. I turned out, nagged my mom to buy me one of those cameras which I believe is not the last thing I'd nag her to buy. Perhaps next month, I'd come to her, show her a catalogue of branded stuff then start nag and demand her to let me have one. Well, I can honestly tell you, mom and dad never fail to satisfy all of my financial demand. I just come to ask myself, what did I give them in return? Obviously, I can't afford to buy them pricey stuff. But that's not what I meant here, the fact that I didn't put enough effort on my study is what disappoint me the most. I didn't make use every cents they spent on me wisely, I ignore the fact that I'm obliged to act as a responsible daughter. I went out having too much fun, spending cents they earned for the sake of my education.

Now you tell me, what is the point of possessing branded bags, designer shoes, expensive fine dress, and high-end gadgets which you bought using your parents' credit cards?? I'm getting even more and more annoyed with myself. I was blinded from the start, acting so irresponsible and ignorant. Hence, I finally convinced myself, that every other things are not important, all stuff are just tertiary needs. What matter the most is I have to score high, bring home a degree behind my name, move beyond boundaries and make my parents held their head high, and say "that is my daughter". This is a promise to myself, a gentle reminder to stay humble and down to earth.

If any of you reading my post here, feeling the same way like I did...perhaps, you should think over again what you deserve and what you don't. Well, I know best that Burberry is inevitable, indeed. I can't agree more, but let's think as a smart, Burberry and Prada won't get you a position in a well-known company. The substances in your brain will !