October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat.

It's Halloween again, I saw people on their bunny and witch costumes outside my apartment. They must be having a blast celebrating this year's Halloween. Anw, I haven't go to any Halloween event yet, not last year and not this year. I dunno if next year will do, you know, the Halloween celebration here at east doesn't as 'wow' as those in west, but I want to experience one, really. If only I'm going to attend one, I'll design my own costume, just like the young girl in 'Little Red Riding Hood', my favourite story back then.

Happy Halloween ♥

October 30, 2009

first paper and jennifer's body.

It's such a relief, I just finished my first paper this morning and gosh, it's the easiest subject ever in Monash I could say. I mean it's even easier than my first semester's subjects. In fact, I was a lil bit worried of this subject since I skipped almost all the lectures and tutors. I went to the lecture like three times for the whole semester and I even overslept and skipped my revision lecture. Okay, the tutorial class is not even better, I attended like two classes and that's all baby. Luckily, the exam questions turned out 'student-friendly'. Thanks for that Dr. Jothee, you're a saint, I mean it.

I know Monash is an evil since my first day there, so I bet my second paper will be torturing instead of comforting. I'll start reviewing tomorrow, for now I'll have my beauty rest, play some games and eat a lot *this is the best part. I had sushi again for dinner, yippie and jennifer's body after that. Oh yes, Megan is so God damn hot and sexy in her way but the movie is just so not. I wouldn't recommend it but give it a shot if you're a Megan's addict.

Don't tell me she's not hot. I know people often have different view and opinion on what's called hot and beautiful but when it comes to Megan, I bet everyone's agree. You too, don't you?? Anw, it's getting late, see you and happy Halloween guys ♥

October 25, 2009

Nicole Nicole

Nicole Richie, I miss reading about her. I used to read a lot about her when I was in my senior high. She's now a happy and chic mom with two cute kids, Harlow and Sparrow. So I did browse about her moments ago and now wonder how could she looked so fabulous during her pregnancy while most people are usually messy. Now I know the answer, thanks to her stylish, Cristobal Balenciaga. He even inspired Nicole to develop a maternity clothing line.

She went from this :

to this :

Christobal Balenciaga

'No women can make herself chic if she is not chic herself'

October 22, 2009

exam fever.

I've spent this past few days studying and studying, I'm so done with it, really. Can I just have that HD without studying? Gosh, I know such thing would never ever happen. I need to work hard to get what I want, at the end I believe it would pay off. But I'm just so lazeyyy. I stared at the notes, exercises, and handouts for like hours before I took my nap and woke up with nothing left in this stupid brain. You know sometimes I wish I have a roommate to talk to when I'm bored, just like now! I used to have a roommate named Winny when I was in hostel last year, we studied together and cried when the exam's coming. We shared the stories and fun yet I insisted to move to a single room for a privacy reason. Not that there were no privacy back then, but I just love to be alone at some moments. And now I miss her! I'll tell about her someday here, not now, I have tonnes of papers to read :/

So now I stayed at this big spacious room alone, sometimes my stuffs are messed up, sometimes they are neat. Depends on the event at a time, seriously. Nah, since it's an exam fever right now, my room is totally in mess I could tell. I haven't do any cleaning for days, ckck. I will do, soon, not soon enough, ahh maybe after my first paper, lol. Look, here's the mess with papers everywhere and twitter: on -.-

I shall go back continue studying before I get sleepy again. To those friends having exam, I wish you guys all the best luck and strike the HD *wish me back, lol. Ohh one thing, I would probably not updating my blog for the next few days, you know why. But still, I'll write a post when I'm bored studying so see you people :)

October 20, 2009


Hello again, people ! I guess some of you might know what made me so happy today. Practically I didn't tell anyone except Tinna and Olyv. Okay, so I was celebrating a very important day, I won't tell you anw :) Here are some picts, most of them are uploaded in my facebook page.

October 14, 2009

a diarrhoea -.-

The title sounds lame, huh? That's what happened to me these past few days. I attended Ching's birthday party on Saturday evening and I happened to go home earlier for some reason. So I took a rest and a very high fever was attacking me, I didn't manage to have that sleep ! I took some pills and I got better in no time, lucky.

The next midnight, I was awaken because of very bad stomachache and yes, it's diarrhoea which is not even getting any better now. Thought that it's not a big deal, I ignore it. And there goes my pain and suffer whole day long. I used to 'defecate' like once in three days (I know it's not normal), but I think I made a very impressive improvement these days, woohoo. I used the toilet like 15 times a day (this is much more abnormal, lol). Since I'm that 'daddy little girl', I called my parents and cried like they can do something to stop the diarrhoea :/ Mom and dad were so worried and asked if they need to visit and look after me. Yeah, I know that's too much but I'm happy then :)

In fact, they didn't come to visit me. I mean it's kinda lame asking your parents attention just because of diarrhoea?? The disease's name is not even cool, don't you think so? So the next thing happened is I went to Sunway Medical Centre for some help. You know what, the doctor kinda touched my belly 3 times and she walked away, wrote me a prescription and that's all ! No injection, no consultation and there flies my 67 bucks *sadd. Now, my belly stops brutally attack the toilet but still I have that disturbing stomachache :/Don't worry, I'll get well soon and update the post. Good night :)