December 26, 2009

the song and santa !

How's your Christmas, everyone? Bet you had lots of fun. Don't bother to hear mine, it's not even special. The only thing I like on this year's Christmas is because I had my family around instead of spending it all alone in my apartment :p So, I've been complaining to my dad on how boring it could be, imagining my entire summer holiday is spent with works and nothing - and why don't we just go abroad to kill and leave this hectic year behind. The next thing is he'll grumble on how much money we need to waste on going abroad and bla bla bla. In fact, I know it's such a waste but I always love travelling, no matter how exhausting the trip could be. Mom is kinda travel-holic as well, so she persuaded my dad on this and that until he decided to let us go have some fun.

We're not going somewhere exotic this year, it'll be a local trip since mom and dad have been arranging their holiday to Europe next year. This year, we'll save a bit ! Am going to start packing very soon, with sun-block and shades, we're going to somewhere fun ;p

Now, have some fun peeps, wish you a very happy new year ! see you again next year and wish me luck on this fucking lame diet thingy.

ps. thanks santa for the heartwarming song

December 10, 2009

christmas fever

Hello loves ♥, has been a while huh? It's now mid of December, last month of the year - the 2009. It's going to be my last year at university on 2010, see how time flies so fast. I recall when I was in high school with bunch of girls and boys around, all the sickening homework and tests, all the girls' day out thingy, all the flirting boys, and all the foods at school - now I missed them ! Can't believe I've left them like 2 years and life has been more stressed up after school. I started to struggle with university and now I need to think what I am going to be in another 2 years, I got to find job for myself and start my own business. Let's just finish my last year at Monash first and think about that later :/

Oh yahh, Monash exam result is out and I'm pretty satisfied with what I've done. Honestly, I wasn't too confident with the exams earlier but I guess the result's pretty good, so thanks God and please help me accomplish another next two semesters. I want another HDs and Ds there, just to make sure my GPA is high enough for the requirements in leading companies :). And yah, if you guys are interested with my holiday's activity, please don't ! Cause I spent like almost all days at office, letting myself tortured by figures and invoices *sob. This also explain why I keep my blog so out-dated recently (another excuse *wink).

So Christmas is coming very soon, and people seem so delighted with its presence. I can even see the warmth in every house with Christmas tree and ornaments. How I wish mom would let me have one in living room, huhu. Anw, happy early Christmas babies ♥

December 1, 2009


Here it comes the last month of 2009. I'll usually get excited with the Christmas and holidays around but not this year. Friends are all leaving and everything just goes wrong. I know I'm not gonna meet some of them ever again, but true friends stay in heart. So my exam's result is coming out real soon. Idk if I've done great, all I know is that I've given my best shot and I'm hoping for the best. This month is really full of pressure you know. Not only the exam's result, my three months holiday doesn't seem so right as well. Am getting really tired of all the routine, wish I could just graduate soon and try a new life at China, bet it'll be very fun. I'll bring him with me *forcing :D

There are some problems bothering me around these few days, my lame N97, my chance of interning in Medan, and my friends. I wish by the time I wake up in the next morning, everything's answered so I could rest my brain very soon :/

ps. you're my best friend, my real best friend. And there's no way I'm gonna cut your way off.

November 30, 2009


- I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see -

November 29, 2009

summer holiday and great friends.

Oh wow, can't believe I'm back to my hometown, this time with a bunch of friends from Jakarta and Palembang. I should say, they are the best food hunter I've ever met, honestly. They ate like 5 to 6 different foods straight just for dinner *speechless. The time spent with them was very fun though. We went to Brastagi and Prapat, Medanese favourite holiday spot :D I went there like zillions times and it has never been that fun, seriously. Too bad, they didn't stay long - it's just a week holiday and yet full of memories. Am going to miss that moments so badly :/ Not to mention, the heart to heart conversation has been the biggest wake up call for me, I realize how friendship has been so complicated all this time and I need to appreciate it at the first place. Thanks for reminding me, it sounds simple but certain people tends to forget the appropriate way treating their friends and turn out hurting people around them. I learned, I'll do better, and I'll keep you guys in heart.

Okay, so the worst part is I don't even know the next time am going to meet them again. Apparently, they're all graduating very soon and going to leave me all behind. Some going to pursue their master degree in Aussie, some to China and some will probably leave to anywhere for a job. I guess it's time for everyone to move on, like how birds learn to fly. Here I am wishing everyone's all the very best luck in whatever they do, and hope to see you guys with success in future. And may the trip leaves the best memories to each of you :))

Don't mind the girls, we are basically their tour guide. And the boys are the guests and sometimes driver. Minus Tinna here, one of our tour guide which is not available that day. More photos available in my facebook profile :)

November 18, 2009

teetering toodler.

It's Suri Cruise, aged 3 in high heels. The picture was taken when she was caught shopping with her mom, Katie in rainy Boston, US. She's cute but just not with the heels :/

Flats suit you better, sweetie ♥

post-exam period.

Finally, all papers are done, such a relief I should say. Honestly, I don't have confidence on the result - I won't expect much anyway, just a simple pass will do. No way I'm gonna extend another semester in Monash !! So exam's down and holiday's here :)). Am going back to hometown tomorrow with the earliest flight :/ but it's okay, means gonna see my mom and dad sooner. Mom, dad, grandma, and brothers are the only reason I'm happy to be home. Other than that, I'd prefer staying here for the whole holiday. Just like last year, the holiday will be super longg at least till end of February before I get my ass back to Monash, yippie ! Going to plan something fun before I get rusted in Medan.

Well, I went a lil bit out of control yesterday, I shopped a lot and spent too much. Bought some for mom, and brothers and rest are mine :) I won't do any shopping for at least 3 months onwards anw. sooo forgiven ! And yah, I won't be blogging for quite some time since my schedule is really full until at least end of November. See you guys very soon ♥

November 4, 2009

sicky sick exam.

Things have been pretty hectic these few days. My second exam is coming next week and I still trying to digest whatever the lecture told us before. Honestly, I don't really understand what is happening in this subject. And I don't really care actually, I'll just absorb and squeeze everything into my brain and pour all out to my exam paper then forget it ! All I know at this moment, it's about the regulation, income tax, consolidations, disclosure, ohh whatever shitty head. It's not like they are going to be useful in my future, I just don't want to fail this paper. Let me tell you, Monash is really tough and hard to handle, it took everything away from me and made me stayed up late forcing my brain to at least save something. Dear all my juniors, if only you are given the chance to choose your university, make sure Monash is at your bottom list - it's gonna ruin your teenage life, believe me !

I was sometimes regretting why my name is enrolled in Monash's database, I wish I could just go to some other universities like Taylors maybe, they have more life than Monash. People in Monash are just dead, nerd, with brilliant, genius, and perfect brain. I'm not belonged there, you know. I just think if I could finish things here, probably mom and dad would be so proud of me and yes they do. I can see from how they keep blabbering about me to their friends, so please please, thousand pleases, don't failed me God. I'm not gonna let them down, never ever. I've accomplished things so far, so just let me do the same thing for another 3 semesters :))

I guess it's time for me to get my ass back on papers :/ Wishes all of my friends a very best luck in their exams. Mm, yah my blog is currently under construction, lol. It's why the friend lists and other stuff is not there. No worries, it's gonna be there like usual in no time. Have a nice day people and happy birthday dear daddy, love you ♥

October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat.

It's Halloween again, I saw people on their bunny and witch costumes outside my apartment. They must be having a blast celebrating this year's Halloween. Anw, I haven't go to any Halloween event yet, not last year and not this year. I dunno if next year will do, you know, the Halloween celebration here at east doesn't as 'wow' as those in west, but I want to experience one, really. If only I'm going to attend one, I'll design my own costume, just like the young girl in 'Little Red Riding Hood', my favourite story back then.

Happy Halloween ♥

October 30, 2009

first paper and jennifer's body.

It's such a relief, I just finished my first paper this morning and gosh, it's the easiest subject ever in Monash I could say. I mean it's even easier than my first semester's subjects. In fact, I was a lil bit worried of this subject since I skipped almost all the lectures and tutors. I went to the lecture like three times for the whole semester and I even overslept and skipped my revision lecture. Okay, the tutorial class is not even better, I attended like two classes and that's all baby. Luckily, the exam questions turned out 'student-friendly'. Thanks for that Dr. Jothee, you're a saint, I mean it.

I know Monash is an evil since my first day there, so I bet my second paper will be torturing instead of comforting. I'll start reviewing tomorrow, for now I'll have my beauty rest, play some games and eat a lot *this is the best part. I had sushi again for dinner, yippie and jennifer's body after that. Oh yes, Megan is so God damn hot and sexy in her way but the movie is just so not. I wouldn't recommend it but give it a shot if you're a Megan's addict.

Don't tell me she's not hot. I know people often have different view and opinion on what's called hot and beautiful but when it comes to Megan, I bet everyone's agree. You too, don't you?? Anw, it's getting late, see you and happy Halloween guys ♥

October 25, 2009

Nicole Nicole

Nicole Richie, I miss reading about her. I used to read a lot about her when I was in my senior high. She's now a happy and chic mom with two cute kids, Harlow and Sparrow. So I did browse about her moments ago and now wonder how could she looked so fabulous during her pregnancy while most people are usually messy. Now I know the answer, thanks to her stylish, Cristobal Balenciaga. He even inspired Nicole to develop a maternity clothing line.

She went from this :

to this :

Christobal Balenciaga

'No women can make herself chic if she is not chic herself'

October 22, 2009

exam fever.

I've spent this past few days studying and studying, I'm so done with it, really. Can I just have that HD without studying? Gosh, I know such thing would never ever happen. I need to work hard to get what I want, at the end I believe it would pay off. But I'm just so lazeyyy. I stared at the notes, exercises, and handouts for like hours before I took my nap and woke up with nothing left in this stupid brain. You know sometimes I wish I have a roommate to talk to when I'm bored, just like now! I used to have a roommate named Winny when I was in hostel last year, we studied together and cried when the exam's coming. We shared the stories and fun yet I insisted to move to a single room for a privacy reason. Not that there were no privacy back then, but I just love to be alone at some moments. And now I miss her! I'll tell about her someday here, not now, I have tonnes of papers to read :/

So now I stayed at this big spacious room alone, sometimes my stuffs are messed up, sometimes they are neat. Depends on the event at a time, seriously. Nah, since it's an exam fever right now, my room is totally in mess I could tell. I haven't do any cleaning for days, ckck. I will do, soon, not soon enough, ahh maybe after my first paper, lol. Look, here's the mess with papers everywhere and twitter: on -.-

I shall go back continue studying before I get sleepy again. To those friends having exam, I wish you guys all the best luck and strike the HD *wish me back, lol. Ohh one thing, I would probably not updating my blog for the next few days, you know why. But still, I'll write a post when I'm bored studying so see you people :)

October 20, 2009


Hello again, people ! I guess some of you might know what made me so happy today. Practically I didn't tell anyone except Tinna and Olyv. Okay, so I was celebrating a very important day, I won't tell you anw :) Here are some picts, most of them are uploaded in my facebook page.

October 14, 2009

a diarrhoea -.-

The title sounds lame, huh? That's what happened to me these past few days. I attended Ching's birthday party on Saturday evening and I happened to go home earlier for some reason. So I took a rest and a very high fever was attacking me, I didn't manage to have that sleep ! I took some pills and I got better in no time, lucky.

The next midnight, I was awaken because of very bad stomachache and yes, it's diarrhoea which is not even getting any better now. Thought that it's not a big deal, I ignore it. And there goes my pain and suffer whole day long. I used to 'defecate' like once in three days (I know it's not normal), but I think I made a very impressive improvement these days, woohoo. I used the toilet like 15 times a day (this is much more abnormal, lol). Since I'm that 'daddy little girl', I called my parents and cried like they can do something to stop the diarrhoea :/ Mom and dad were so worried and asked if they need to visit and look after me. Yeah, I know that's too much but I'm happy then :)

In fact, they didn't come to visit me. I mean it's kinda lame asking your parents attention just because of diarrhoea?? The disease's name is not even cool, don't you think so? So the next thing happened is I went to Sunway Medical Centre for some help. You know what, the doctor kinda touched my belly 3 times and she walked away, wrote me a prescription and that's all ! No injection, no consultation and there flies my 67 bucks *sadd. Now, my belly stops brutally attack the toilet but still I have that disturbing stomachache :/Don't worry, I'll get well soon and update the post. Good night :)

September 29, 2009

Inspired by Hello Kitty

Many people love Hello Kitty, so do I. But some of them are fanatic and freak ! So, here are some weird stuffs inspired by Hello Kitty, enjoy :p

Hello Kitty artificial tooth.

Hello Kitty contact lenses.

Hello Kitty underwear for man (this is so not cool)

Hello Kitty dog house (with crystal beads, cost like $32,000)

Hello Kitty house
(dear hardcore fans, you can enjoy this Hello Kitty villa in Taipei)

Hello Kitty keyboard :)

There are also other wierd stuffs like Hello Kitty vibrator and toaster, woohoo. If the photos are too small, please click on the photos to enlarge :)

And now bonus: my favourite !

This cute Hello Kitty jewel doll is made up of:

1.027 ct diamond on her ribbon
403 pieces of pink sapphires on her body
black spinels on her eyes
a citrine on her yellow nose
1,939 pieces of white topaz on her head

She's 10.5 cm tall and weighs 569 grams.
Okay, this baby costs 15 million yen

September 27, 2009


Here I show you some creative ads of Durex. For those who don't know, Durex is a popular brand of condoms. Okay stop acting like you don't know, you've probably bought them weeks ago, lol.

There are much more, but I'll just pick 3 to show you here. I love the last one, the meaning was like hidden but smart and creative :) *source: kaskus

quick updates.

People! I can't find any words to describe what happened in the concert last 2 days, it was awesome, stunning, fun, brilliant, cool, whatever you called it ! Fergie didn't look sexy that night but she's completely beautiful with her curve. You know what, my legs and arms hurt so much standing 6 hours there and I was regretting at first. And I changed my mind when BEP performs, worth it. I won't tell much here, you should have come to the concert, bet you won't regret :)

And yesterday, yeah. I was hanging out with the girls and 2Vs (Vincent & Vico), went to Pavilion and worsen the pain on my legs after a long long walk and shop. So I'm having my recovery and beauty rest today, at home !, alone !, and with no water at all !, not to mention this condo is driving me crazy, how could they stop the water for 2 days? I need a bath, not like them (they're kind of goat who never need a bath). Insane :/

ps. big thanks to Tinna and Cecilia, no letting me to be a goat (thanks for the tumpangan mandi).

September 25, 2009

I gotta feeling.

Hellos :)

It's so nice that finally the mid-break is here after all those tiring things. But again, he left this morning, for few days :/. Okay, I'll try to make myself comfortable without him here so tonight is the night baby, a Black Eyed Peas concert in the house. Let's hope the concert rocks so that I'll have a nice story for you in the next post, okay?

Ahh, last night I went out shopping again. This time I didn't spent much, only a pair of flats and white tees. Oh yaa, I went for 'G-Force' too ! You guys should watch those guinea pigs in action. They're so so so adorable, trust me. I dunno why the movie is not that 'wow' to some people but yeah, it's kinda fresh to me :)

So, nothing much to say here except I was a lil bit disappointed with the fact that I'll go nowhere this break since there's no flight going back to my hometown on either 26,27 or 28. And it's too late to go back on 29, screw it ! But let's forget it, mom and dad is still in Japan though, so I'll just go back on December then :)

*I gotta feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night

September 21, 2009

fck the hols.

Omg, did I just type fck the hols above? Okay, that's not even a rude word again nowadays so it won't be a matter to anyone, I guess. I stayed in my room for the whole day not because I'm busy with my assignments, but it's the swollen eyes make me unwillingly locked myself here. You know exactly, girls prefer to lock themselves in the room rather than going out somewhere with the asymmetry eyes' shape, that's shameful. So, he bought me lunch and I skipped dinner so I didn't have to step out anywhere, thanks God. Wish this fish eye gets back to its normal size in no time so I could have some fun tomorrow.

Nah, since I was trapped here, I tried my best to start the fcking assignment which end up 300 words introduction and that's far from finish ! I need approx. 3000 words this Friday :/. I'll rush myself, I promise cause I don't want to stuck on this thing and not doing anything beside it. Some more he's leaving again this weekend, which means no Saturday night, no dating and no fun ! Anyway, wish your hols are much much better than mine :)

September 20, 2009

superduperbusy weekend.

Yuhuu! Selamat Hari Raya to those celebrating and happy hols to those not celebrating. Okay, apparently some of my friends are even working today, double salary ==". While me? Went shopping again. So last night I went out with the girls to midvalley, hunting for their VU nite dresses. Fyi, Ching's cost like rm500 above *it's a nice one, lol. I myself only bought a Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner which I wanted so much *wink. Then back to pyramid for dinner and movie with the guys ('Where Got Ghost'). I should say that was kind of weird movie to me, it's scary yet funny. It was midnight when we're about heading home but four of us (Ching, me, jer and teguh) had an escape to what so called ktz, it was my first time there. Nah, there was a bit feeling of guilty eating so much at midnight ==". Then we also went to had something looked like pizza and I forgot what it called, Barakamunza? Baramunza? Whatever, it tasted nice and that was a sweet escape too, should do it again next time :)

And this morning, baby is back ! Missed missed him so much TT. We headed to pyramid for 'The Ugly Truth', simply nice movie and then catch a brunch at Nando's, muahahaha. And shopping again! Yap, this time I got those mango shirt and dress, spent like rm300 something and not feeling guilty about it, what a relieve !

Now, after all those fun yet tiring things, I had my time relaxing at room after finished the room cleaning and laundry while he went to watch the MU football match (Against it, I'm a big Chelsea fan). Time to start my assignment now....mmm, how bout tomorrow? That sounds better :p

ps. Goodbye Tommy, hope to see you again soon. And take care wherever you go, we'll miss you man !

Stand out, be different.
That was what dad taught me since I was a kid :)

September 18, 2009

short meaningless post.

Woke up quite early this morning and went to some boring classes as usual. Then did nothing until dinner, this is the best part. Sushi Zanmai, okay, I admit I ate quite a lot and not regretting it, why? It tasted perfectly nice, lol. Tomorrow will be shopping day and movie night with bunch of friends *happy. But unfortunately, he left ! His family is coming to town, and he's going out with them until Sunday perhaps. Nvm, I'll be okay. And today's his Chinese Birthday, so let's wish him happy chinese birthday :). Good night people !

September 16, 2009

ohh love this, lol.

Don't ask what is this video about, just watch it and I bet you'll love it too. Please don't stop in the middle cause the end is much nicer, at least I think so :). I tell you, the fat guy is so cute and good, watch the way he moved :p

happy ending.

Exam timetable is out, okay, my first exam will be 30th Oct and last 17th Nov. I'm still confuse whether I should go back to hometown or go elsewhere, idk. Honestly to tell, I'm not that delighted going back to Medan. Imagine 3 months there will kill me :(. Not to mention, I missed my family but they are coming to visit me soon though so I don't see the need to go back home. Let's just plan a year end vacation instead, Bali anyone?

no happy ending
cause we'll never ends.

happy wednesday :)

Supposed to be in class this morning but I can never make myself wake up early in the morning so yes, I skipped again. But promise, I'm gonna replace it soon in Friday. Went to have Bak Kut Teh for lunch, unfortunately, get in to the wrong place but still I love how it tasted. Then homed all day long while he's struggling with works and test. Wish you all the best in tomorrow exam, B :)

Ahh, I watched the Gossip Girl first episode of the new season. Blair is always cute and stunning as she was. Serena still looked effortless beautiful but with an older face?? Yeah, I think so. And Chuck! That cute little bastard, I can't help myself falling for him. He's something !

This girl sure have a perfect cheek bones, doesn't she? Envy her face shape and shining skin :)

September 14, 2009

few days break :)

Yihaa! I finished my midtest this morning and there won't be any upcoming tests or assignments until the end of Hari Raya holiday. Yes, I'm so excited. It's now time to give myself some space. I'll plan to do some cooking this Thursday and weekend hangout again. Ohh life ! Anw, I cooked something on his birthday, and you bet, it's nice :). Last night BBQ party was awesome too. Everything happened on this week is just lovely, all photos will be uploaded soon. As soon as I could get myself a time transfering it from my cellphone, kay?

So, mom and dad finally decided to begin constructing our new house. They said by the time I graduated, we can all move there although my two little brother must be still in university by that time. I helped them out finding some designs, for my own room actually, lol. I'll be staying in a very big room later on, big enough for me and my future dog *excited.

Yea, I used to have lots of dogs in my house, but I don't care of them much except Kitty. She's my best friend, I've mentioned her in my last post when she finally passed away because of that brainless jerk. Ever since, I promised myself, I'll never raise any pets again. But I just miss the feeling of sharing and having fun with that cute little creature. Now I decided to adopt a new puppy soon after I graduated, that will be either Chihuahua or Maltese.

Both of the picture above are Maltese. Ahh, I'll just choose Maltese, they're way too cute :)

September 9, 2009

facebook thingy.

While waiting for shower time, I filled the facebook quiz or whatever they called it :). It's interesting to imagine some future vacation spot. So here's my top 5 vacation spot in random order!

Athens, Greece

Vatican City

The Maldives


Venice, Italy

Let's go there someday :)


Beside of the time spent with him, I should say this is my worst day of the week. Even the week hasn't end yet, I believe the rest of my days won't be this bad. Really ! I went to Monash for a replacement class today and went home early after submitted the assignmnent. Then texted a friend to collect my very first assignment of the semester, which i FAILED. Okay, this is my very first failed assignment after 2 years in Monash. God damn it ! How could the tutor being so ugly, dumb and stingy at the same time?

Mom once told me beautiful and handsome people often grown arrogant and dumb while the so-so usually super smart and kind-hearted. Nah, so what's the hell happened to my tutor? I guess he had a combo package, which are dumb, ugly, lazy and super stingy ! I'm going crazy now ! I promised myself a revenge to him. Let's rock the final exam and hit a HD for him. Muahaha *evil laugh. I won't give up that easy, at the end of the day, I'll try to make things better for myself :)

And tomorrow is his birthday !! Still no idea of what gift suits him the best. Here, I wish him an early HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Once a year I get the chance
To wish you birthday cheer.
It pleases me no end to say,
I wish you another great year.

So happy birthday to you dear,
From the bottom of my heart.
And may your good times multiply,
Till they're flying off the chart !

September 6, 2009

final destination

Last nite was a nice hang out time with bunch of people. They made my day! A dinner at TGI's was astoundingly great (forget the diet). Then we went for a movie, final destination. The early episodes of it was much better than the newest 3D edition. I mean the movie was really short, sometimes make no sense at all and it's disgusting ! Anw, the 3D effect was great compared to UP. But I'd suggest you people watch another movie instead of this one :).

After movie we catched a late brunch at mamak store, i had strawberry ice cream and watermelon juice (again, forget the diet). Soon we reached home, we gathered, gossiped (about everything *wink), laughed till dried and slept at 4 *sahur time. That's why I woke up pretty late this morning, I mean not exactly morning, it's noon. I woke up around 2pm, had a late lunch and here blogging. Okay, time to finish the assignments now. Have a nice day everyone !

death is only a couple of miles offshore

September 3, 2009


It seems or so people say,
the moment we are born
our fate is already etched
on to our foreheads.

how i wish mine was a different one,
i could then do all that i wanted,
the way i want to, carefree
and not bound by any restrictions.

how i wish you could stay with me,
spend our time together without a care
not worrying when you will be taken away
and hidden from us all;

moment when you left, still visible
in my eyes, those sweet, laughter filled
eyes turning into ravaging floods
once the realization set in;

unable to stop you, unable to do much
beyond waving goodbye,
standing amidst a sea of gloom
we bid you farewell, hoping the next time
is much longer than this time.

August 31, 2009

shopping spree

After some months break, I finally back to the shopping mood. Idk I should be happy or sad instead. I went to the mall and never ever intend to buy that much. But people lose control ! I bought like four pieces. Just four pieces and it already cost me that much. I mean really really much to be spent in one day. That type of short pants won't cost that much in Medan I think. I guess I should start shopping at 'normal' fashion boutique instead of Topshop or Mango which sometimes can be classified as 'expensive'. Lucky I wasn't as crazy as before :). I used to spent like 3 or 4 millions rupiah in one day but now I'm better (much better). Anw, they said girls can never have too many clothes and shoes, I just simply agree with them. Here some other next targets on hunt :)

Bobbi Brown eyeliner

Black Ferragamo flats.

The flats doesn't have to be Ferragamo anw. Any nice black comfy flats should be okay to me, and I really need them asap.

Quick news.
BEP is coming to KL, and they are going to hold a concert just right outside my windows (I stayed in 22nd floor, no wonder *wink). The ticket will be sold very cheap and it's only for non-Muslims. Dress code: Black chic. Sure, I'll be there *hopefully.