September 27, 2010

matter of time.

Guys, am terribly sorry for lack of updates. Kinda busy enjoying my mid-semester break ! Time flies, it's just a month away to my final exam. Timetable is pretty good..28 oct, 29 oct, 4 nov and 10 nov ! I know I should start revising, but I just couldn't help the joy of being free from uni life for a week. Been spending so much money these few days and guess what? it's just the beginning of mid-break... sigh :( May I remind you this post is gonna be a lil bit dry, am not in the mood of writing anw. I'll just write random few things that come to my mind, alright?

First, in order to put off some weights, i'm planning to avoid soft drinks for the rest of my life. Don't laugh yet ! am serious. I was about to stop having fast food like McD and his friends, but bf laughed and said 'talk to the hand'. So let's make it more realistic, soft drinks seem like possible ! Well, am not a big fan of soft drinks though so must be no problem. I'd really like to start consuming healthier food, but I don't think it would be possible.

Next thing is about this whole 'moving-on' things face by one of my best friends. She's kind of stuck upon her ex and being stupid all the time, lol. I've been telling her, "stop thinking about him" like 1000000 times, and she won't listen. Well, I always believe that 'moving-on' might be difficult to certain people but it's not impossible. I was once in a relationship for 6 years with a very very nice man, I should say. Everything was so perfect, friends were jealous with our relationship but I turned him down. Things changed, and so we experienced what so called "post-break-up" problems. Mom and dad forced me to patch back, friends were like 'it has been 6 years, dear. you should give it another chance'. It was so horrible that time that I could hardly concentrate on other things.

I know at that time, that one day I might be regret, leaving such a great man. But you know, life goes on. And I made a choice, no way am going back there. No solid reasons could make me stay. I believe there's still a long way to go, I could make another story happens, so why stuck in some fairy tales? Truth be told, I always think that there's no way am gonna find someone like him. Lucky, am that 'don't care too much' kind of person. By now, I can proudly tell I found a better someone. And that would be the last thing I could ever wish for. Trust me, 'moving-on' is a start to new things. It might be better or worse, just go through it and believe in whatever God designed for us.

Happy Monday ! Loves :)

September 4, 2010

an easy way to be happy.

Happy Saturday first of all guys :) Well, am sorry to all of you following my twitter if you happened to read some of my harsh tweets. Obviously, I don't think there's a need to clarify all these but I just feel like doing so. Starting from Friday, it has been hectic since morning. Woke up in the morning finding my boyfriend is miles away having fun by the beach. At the same time, I have lotsa replacement classes to attend, plus days were mad hot ! Also at the moment, I've been spending whole days thinking of perfect gift for bf birthday and still couldn't find one. How sucks was my day? Wait for it, it's not that bad until I received thousand of phone calls, messages, and voicemails. Turned out certain people are in some serious trouble and only God knows why, those people come find me as if I'm part of the trouble. Enough with those pressures, I was then innocently complain in twitter on why people messing up on Friday, which I think it should be a beginning of nice weekend.

Apparently, that simple tweet raised some misunderstandings and turned out so bad, terribly bad. And there goes people responding to my tweet, some were with me, thinking that Friday shouldn't be a mess, some were offended by my last tweet because he/she is apparently in that trouble itself. I called to personally say sorry if my last tweet has offended him/her. Unfortunately, it turned out the same, nothing is solved. Disregard of whether it is my fault or not, I have put my ego down to say sorry and I think that count for something. But if my apology is not accepted, and this misunderstanding has to go on then let it be. At least I've put my effort to explain and I have nothing to lose. People know I can be a bitch, I could says those harsh words and curses anytime I want but I just choose not to, isn't it just so last year?

Well, thank God I am a 'happy-go-lucky' type of person so I choose to put all those behind and now good news ! Bf is coming back tonight, mom and brothers are coming for visit tomorrow, dad is coming the next day after that and we're all going to have some fun. I learned that sometimes we just need to be selfish, why bother how other feels when they don't give a shit on how you feel. True? Instead of looking so pathetic, I choose to take it easy, remains untroubled and relaxed. If by the end of the day, we all choose to let go the misunderstanding and be friend, I'll be pleased to do so. But if not, then I afraid my apology earlier would be such a waste.

Okay now ! On the bright side, I can see so many people out there that actually care for me. I used to tell everything to bf, only bf. But now that he's not here, I found another ears that listen, shoulders that comfort, and hearts that care :)