June 29, 2010

hey sugar rush !

Been back in Indonesia for 2 days and life has been good. so good indeed ! Schedule is full at least until next week, spent some time with friends, cousins, families and other friends again. Back to home town means back to be daddy's lil girl. Lucky, am the only daughter he has and thanks God for how he loves me to bits. Was joking to ask him buying me a new diamond ring to replace my old one which I lost it somewhere couple months ago, and he was like, "okay, just don't lose it again." hahahaha, love ya dad. No, not because you bought me another ring. I love you with or without diamond rings. I love you with or without all the material and financial support. You have always been the best to me regardless how people see you. You have always been the best to me and brothers. And for everything you've given to me, I promise to double it for you, promise you a happy, peaceful and best old days that a daughter could ever give :) same thing goes to you mom. This daughter is gonna make you proud, make you held your head high and shed tears of happiness.

So I attended a friend's brother wedding party last Sunday, soon after I landed in Medan, and met couple of old friends. It was fun, relaxing and nice to have them around. Here are some pictures taken by Kervin.

Plan for a trip to Brastagi this coming Friday minus Kervin and gf, hope it'd be fun and let's take some nice pictures. Happy holiday everyone !

June 26, 2010

blowing wish.

Finished my exams yesterday and am so thrilled to see my mom and dad just few hours to go. By this time tomorrow, I'll be sitting with mom, dad, granny and brother having a great chat that I've missed so much. I've done nothing much since the exams end, just went watch 'karate kid' with some friends, went shopping with another friend and had superb dine with bf. Ohh life's so great without exams !! I've also spent hours on youtube, watching the british got talent which I've watched like zillion times. It's a complete happiness to me watching how this world full of people like them. Not to mention, I can't stop crying 'everytime' I watch Susan Boyle. Everytime so far means like 20 or more, am such a mess huh? How I wish I could watch another talent like her popping out in our tv line, internet, or radio. The great thing about those stars is how they stood there on the stage, performing, without knowing how great they are and it made me feels 'wow'.

That is how everyone should be. It'll be so great how people got the looks, the brain, and money yet keep themselves humble. Let's take it as a reminder, a wake up call that you have no need to show off for what you have. No matter how smart you are, how genius you are, it's completely nothing to me if you got no attitude. Well, I happened to know someone who thinks he/she is a genius, and can't shut his/her fucking mouth on how he/she managed to nailed Monash and bla bla bla. That is sickening, trust me ! Ohh yeah, this fellow also can't stop showing off his/her parents wealth which I DOUBT IT !

Same thing goes to those good looking guys or girls. You just need to know that you look way way way much more beautiful or handsome when you have some attitude, please. It's no way in hell that you're the most beautiful or handsome in this earth, so please spare me your bitchy manner. Okay, so here's the thing ! Am not saying that am perfect, that I'm none like them. Most probably, I behave just like those monkeys without my acknowledgement but trust me, I am way better and am working on myself to be a better person. Well..to be fair, perhaps I don't even have a 10% of their looks, their brain or money which makes me have nothing to proud of. So let's just stop being so judgemental here.

Now, I really need to start packing. So see you again soon, real soon if I have time to blog back in my hometown :)

June 22, 2010


Can't believe I screwed up my IBF paper this morning. Trust me, I've prepared and studied like hell damn lot of stuff but it didn't turn out quiet well. Should have spent more days reading it, sigh. I read the whole things in just 2 days ! exactly 2 days, not more or less. Let's admit it, we all thought this paper gonna be easy, gonna be 'not-killing', and we were all wrong about that. Anyhow, I have the confident on passing this subject, amen. It's just "good-bye, HD, hope to see you again in future". and "welcome you, P. nice to meet you (NOT THAT NICE ACTUALLY)". or "hello again, C, has been quite a while huh?". Ahh, well..it happened. If I can't score HD or D, C or P will do in this case, just don't failed me please. PLEASE !

So, another paper to go, Malaysian Income Tax Law. I knowwww, shit right?? I, myself didn't know why the hell should I study the MALAYSIAN TAX LAW, but it's a compulsory subject for my 'professional accounting' studies. And leaving me with no choice, here I am with the most shitty subject ever. Wish me luck pls :) And as soon as this paper is over, they'll call me freedom, just like a waving flag *stealing the WC South Africa 2010 theme song line*.

Spongebob and Patrick ♥. SEE YOU THEN WHEN FRIDAY ENDS, loves.

June 15, 2010

15 june.

Just done my first paper this noon and it turned out pretty easy, well, the questions was in my expectation and quite straight forward. Should say D or HD is safe here, hopefully. But it also depends on the marker, if he/she is lenient enough then HD should be no problem, lol. Ahhh one paper down ! And my second paper is a killer, like the 'impossible-to-score' paper. Let's just wish for the best and have a lil faith ! Will sit for the paper this friday, meaning another 2 days left -.- damnnnn !

Good news is am goin back to Medan on 27th, 2 days after my last paper. Yayyyy, just another week to granny, mom, dad and brother :) and foods ! Err, gotta go back studying, wish me luck :p

June 11, 2010


Hey ya people ! been busy with your exams huh? well, same thing here with me. errr, wasn't exactly preparing for my exam these days. more like bringing my books, notes and other stuff here and there, sit for hours but none get into my head, seriously. I really need some effective study ! Gonna sit for my first paper this Tuesday, and i'm far from well-prepared. anyhow, just wish me the best luck kay? So I can graduate this year soon :p

And same goes to you guys, good luck ! have fun studying :) lil cute comic strip for you. I got this from some cool site, but I can't remember. sooooo..see you when exams end !

June 5, 2010

haunting week.

The exam weeks is here again ! Just did my revision hours ago, fell asleep couple of times, but managed to finish 6 chapters of investment. ohh how I hate studying ! My first paper is just another week to go and I need to be completely prepared, mentally and spiritually. Let's get another HD and please not C. Or N, never.

So, I had this serious problem to stay focus, the moment I start studying, I'll start distract myself with facebook, blackberry, and games. I guess what I got to do is:
1) shut down the pc, turn off the blackberry and put away all other distracting stuff out of my sight.
2) get out from my room and study at living room instead, to prevent myself from sneaking into blanket and wasted another 2 hours for sleep
3) try not to push myself too hard. Once I finish some chapters, I'll go watch series or go yam cha.
And voila, it works. Less stressed up and more chapters covered :)

Speaking of exam, it makes me somehow miss mom and dad who used to nag me to the point of insanity just to make me study weeks prior my exam, and I won't listen. But soon they stop nagging, I'll get so panic and start battling with notes. And those moments when my brothers and I all sitting together, facing each other on a round table and study til midnight. As now three of us are all separated by countries, I only get to see them once or twice a year. 3 weeks more and I'll get to see them, let's kill the exam and fight !