December 26, 2009

the song and santa !

How's your Christmas, everyone? Bet you had lots of fun. Don't bother to hear mine, it's not even special. The only thing I like on this year's Christmas is because I had my family around instead of spending it all alone in my apartment :p So, I've been complaining to my dad on how boring it could be, imagining my entire summer holiday is spent with works and nothing - and why don't we just go abroad to kill and leave this hectic year behind. The next thing is he'll grumble on how much money we need to waste on going abroad and bla bla bla. In fact, I know it's such a waste but I always love travelling, no matter how exhausting the trip could be. Mom is kinda travel-holic as well, so she persuaded my dad on this and that until he decided to let us go have some fun.

We're not going somewhere exotic this year, it'll be a local trip since mom and dad have been arranging their holiday to Europe next year. This year, we'll save a bit ! Am going to start packing very soon, with sun-block and shades, we're going to somewhere fun ;p

Now, have some fun peeps, wish you a very happy new year ! see you again next year and wish me luck on this fucking lame diet thingy.

ps. thanks santa for the heartwarming song

December 10, 2009

christmas fever

Hello loves ♥, has been a while huh? It's now mid of December, last month of the year - the 2009. It's going to be my last year at university on 2010, see how time flies so fast. I recall when I was in high school with bunch of girls and boys around, all the sickening homework and tests, all the girls' day out thingy, all the flirting boys, and all the foods at school - now I missed them ! Can't believe I've left them like 2 years and life has been more stressed up after school. I started to struggle with university and now I need to think what I am going to be in another 2 years, I got to find job for myself and start my own business. Let's just finish my last year at Monash first and think about that later :/

Oh yahh, Monash exam result is out and I'm pretty satisfied with what I've done. Honestly, I wasn't too confident with the exams earlier but I guess the result's pretty good, so thanks God and please help me accomplish another next two semesters. I want another HDs and Ds there, just to make sure my GPA is high enough for the requirements in leading companies :). And yah, if you guys are interested with my holiday's activity, please don't ! Cause I spent like almost all days at office, letting myself tortured by figures and invoices *sob. This also explain why I keep my blog so out-dated recently (another excuse *wink).

So Christmas is coming very soon, and people seem so delighted with its presence. I can even see the warmth in every house with Christmas tree and ornaments. How I wish mom would let me have one in living room, huhu. Anw, happy early Christmas babies ♥

December 1, 2009


Here it comes the last month of 2009. I'll usually get excited with the Christmas and holidays around but not this year. Friends are all leaving and everything just goes wrong. I know I'm not gonna meet some of them ever again, but true friends stay in heart. So my exam's result is coming out real soon. Idk if I've done great, all I know is that I've given my best shot and I'm hoping for the best. This month is really full of pressure you know. Not only the exam's result, my three months holiday doesn't seem so right as well. Am getting really tired of all the routine, wish I could just graduate soon and try a new life at China, bet it'll be very fun. I'll bring him with me *forcing :D

There are some problems bothering me around these few days, my lame N97, my chance of interning in Medan, and my friends. I wish by the time I wake up in the next morning, everything's answered so I could rest my brain very soon :/

ps. you're my best friend, my real best friend. And there's no way I'm gonna cut your way off.