January 27, 2010

hectic week behind (:

Dear readers, am extremely sorry for the late post. There are lots of ups and downs this week, problems are still there and I know I could never ever avoid any of them. All I did was praying and hoping that God listens, and yes He did. He answered all my prayers and put me safe. You know, there was once said, "If God doesn't answer your prayers, He knows you can handle it perfectly". I guess it's pretty true, have a lil faith on yourself, and there are no things you can't accomplish :)

University is going to open very soon, and I've been preparing so that I'm not going to lazy around when it actually starts. People around me actually know how often I skipped classes just for a nap ! Err, guess this sems will actually stay the same. Don't blame me, it's not that I don't have the will to change, I just get used to it, lol. Another two sems and I'll be graduating, hopefully ! Ohh, university life has been really wonderful, the cute guys, the group works, the last minute rushes, the hectic exam schedules, and the charming senior. I'll miss them !

Okay, so tomorrow is another holiday ! I'll get packed, leave with an early flight, and go back before Chinese new year ! I've been waiting, but not the valentine which is on the same date. It's lame celebrating valentine alone, probably with 'just' mommy and daddy. Sigh !

January 20, 2010

oh well, thing goes wrong.

I'd like to apologize to certain people who feels offended by my last post. So here I am, trying my best to clarify what is actually going on. My real life story was not meant and referred to oneself nor myself. It was pure 'a real life story' that happens so often in this universe, don't you guys think so? In fact, I'm not falling for best friend's man. Mmm, I guess it's enough to explain, huh? Basically this post is written only to clarify what's happening so don't expect interesting writings here, lol.

Well, it's just another half month to go until my next holiday trip with friend. I'm kinda excited, and nervous. I actually neglected my work too often and boss is not going to be okay with that. He told me to cancel the trip, and I was like 'ughhh'. But I'll still pack my bags and ready to go :) And yah baby, I just uploaded my last weekend photos to facebook. Here are some !

Ahh well, I guess I don't have to explain anything for the bad quality photos, it was taken by BB which is sucks you guys know. That's it loves, good night ♥

January 13, 2010

real life story.

Howdy guys? Sorry for the very late update since I had my very difficult times accessing the internet these past few days. Yes, I was in Jakarta with family. Dad and brother went back early for works so mom and me stayed like 2 weeks there. Really, I feel like staying there a bit longer but I got works to be done as well and dad seems like missing my mom hell so much. I'll definitely going back there someday ! There was one night escape to Bandung too, with great friends around, my life can't be any happier. I'll post the pictures very soon, if I wasn't too lazy at the moment ;p

Anw, I'd like to share a story with you guys. Idk if it would be right telling you guys here but I guess am having enough about this issue. Now you guys tell me what if you and your best friend fall for the same guy? What if the guy said he loves you but you guys are going to remain friends for LDR reason? What would you said to your best friend as an excuse? Okay, it's not even a story. They're questions which I haven't found out the answer. There was once I asked this guy, and he told 'time is going to answer, you sit and wait'. I laughed and nodded.

I remember it was from a total stranger to friend and now lover. Love's so unpredictable huh? You tell me.